The Banishment of Beauty


In a recent presentation, artist Scott Burdick ( discusses what he calls "The Banishment of Beauty" in the modern art world, and especially that of the art museum. I must say I liked Scott's approach and would highly recommend watching the videos of his presentation (below). In his blog "Underpaintings", artist Matthew Innis wrote of Scott's presentation, "Burdick discusses the role of beauty in realist art, and why the so-called "progressive" Modern art movement eschews creating aesthetically pleasing works - and why the latter type of art is favored by curators, collectors, and critics. Though at times Burdick allows his frustration with the current circumstances in the art world to come to the forefront, and despite the criticism he has received in some arenas because of his bias towards realism, the hour-long presentation is very good, and should be listened to for Burdick's erudite analysis of the politics of the art world."

I have presented his video here, but it is also available on YouTube. Or, if you prefer, go to and search for Scott's presentation, "The Banishment of Beauty."