Why does a painting catch your eye, draw you in, and compel you to look at it
again and again? If a piece of art does not remind you of something in your life,
you are not involved. Part of the purpose of art is to remind us.
I create paintings that help people pause and reflect.

Writer Allison Malafronte suggested, “With so much thought, observation, and reflection behind each piece, it is clear why Drake’s paintings frequently cause viewers to pause.”

- Three to Watch article, Fine Art Connoisseur magazine


Regarding a recently sold piece, a collector wrote,
“At age 67, I welcome all the pauses I can come by and I am sure
that I will spend many hours enjoying this painting.
You have obviously done something special here.”


Available Originals

Several fine galleries carry my original paintings.

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Hickory Museum of Art Exhibit

Two paintings will be on display and offered for sale beginning April 27. Make plans…

Fine Art Connoisseur
3 to Watch

The magazine highlights one of my favorite paintings in its "Three to Watch" article. 


An Extraordinary Life

Brian Andrew Drake experienced more in his 33 years than most do in a lifetime.

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