Grandfather Mountain Reverie

There is a part of the soul that seems to respond when you view another human being experiencing an emotional moment. You often identify with them and are reminded of a similar time or place. You may be drawn back with a flood of memories as if you are in a time capsule, with physical sensations rising up in you that surprise and sometimes exhilarate.

"Grandfather Mountain Reverie" was painted to capture such a moment. Living in the Appalachian mountains provides a day to day experience where the breaking of the sun through the clouds is a moment to stop and enjoy, a time to ponder and be thankful.

The setting of the painting is at the foot of famous Grandfather Mountain near Blowing Rock, NC. which is a mile high at its peak. The profile of the rocks seen in the background is a familiar site to residents and visitors of the area around where Jason lives and it was a fitting part of the painting as an iconic landmark. After months of nearly steady rain, this scene was set when the sun broke through the clouds late one afternoon and bathed everyone in the warm glow.  

 Interest in this painting seems to be fueled by the way viewers identify with the feeling of the young woman who has stopped her walk to enjoy the moment. The composition was intended to focus the viewer on the emotional experience with simple, attractive surroundings, the kind of place you might like to walk barefoot in the grass while taking in the beauty of the creation. 

 Grandfather Mountain Reverie - oil on linen, 24 x 36" - (sold)