Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine and The Promise of Spring


he November/December issue of Fine Art Connoisseur is on newsstands and in mailboxes now and features an article entitled, "The Enduring Appeal of Youth". In it, writer Max Gillies offers the reader a look at recent examples of contemporary artists who capture children in their paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and other art forms. The pages display 26 images of art from some of the best and most recognized figurative artists in the country today. 

I am honored that the second image shown is "The Promise of Spring", an egg tempera piece that I painted this year and was sold through Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, SC to a North Carolina collector. This painting was the first figurative work that I completed in the egg tempera medium, a very exacting form of paint whose demands go beyond the rigors of color, edges, values, and drawing. 


The concept for "The Promise of Spring" was developed from a request by the gallery to enter a piece that depicted the decay of man-made objects being overcome by nature. While I have observed many old structures in the rural area where I live falling into a decrepit state, I have also come to know many young children who demonstrate the new life that emerges from a loving, family environment. I chose to bring these two forces into one image to offer a vision of hope, of newness, of life overcoming decay. 

I am elated that this painting quickly found a new home and with this publication, can be enjoyed by many more who love good art. 

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