Now is the time and I am ready for an exciting future. Today I begin the fulfillment of a dream, to live full-time as a painter of life, a fine artist. To be blessed with talent is not enough. To be filled with desire is not enough. To be encouraged by friends is not enough. 

Today begins a leap of faith unlike any I have taken before. I am feeling a heightened sense of life that is invigorating, giving me the kind of elation that I know my son Brian must have felt when he would say, " you" and leap from a weathered, rocky precipice to be enveloped by the rush of air and nothingness only to be lifted to soar on the wind. But his was not a blind leap, and neither is mine. God has been graciously guiding my steps and blessing my efforts as I moved ahead and paint, paint, paint. 

I have so much more to do and so far to go...



Available Works

Finalist in the ARC 2013-2014 Salon


Brian Andrew Drake