Summer Color - oil on linen, 16 x 24 inches

Summer Color - oil on linen, 16 x 24 inches

Solo Exhibition of Work in 2015

The summer of 2015 promises to be another beautiful season in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and the Blowing Rock Frameworks & Gallery will again host a solo exhibition of my latest work. From August 10th though the 28th the gallery will offer 25 pieces for sale. The theme of the show will be "The Memory of Beauty" with landscapes, still life, and figurative paintings displaying the solemnity of the land and the people of the High Country.

I find inspiration in an old-fashioned and ordered view of the visually simple and beautiful countryside around me. My images are not tethered to time but provide a spare and clear focus of the subject matter. While much changes around me, there are things that don't and I am keenly sensitive to timeless beauty that often evokes memories. I am a traditional painter committed to realism, and my subject matter is rural, but the emotion that I sense behind each piece is universally felt. This is not nostalgic art, or for that matter, kitsch art of the kind that Appalachia is sometimes known for. Instead it represents the vitality of the people and places around me and gives the viewer a glimpse into the narrative that surrounds each scene. In my work, I feel a part of the landscape instead of just observing it. In these paintings you see the exuberance of the mountain life and an enjoyable presentation of the beauty I see. 

A public reception will be held on Saturday, August 15 from 5 to 8 p.m. Inquiries are welcome. 

Blowing Rock Frameworks & Gallery - Blowing Rock, NC, August 10-28, 2015 - The Memory of Beauty



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