Egg Tempera Paintings Now Available

I am now offering works in egg tempera, a permanent, fast-drying painting medium created with dry pigment, distilled water, and the yoke of egg. Tempera paintings are very long lasting, with examples from the 1st century AD still in existence. I enjoy the luminous quality of the paint as well as its dry, earthy feel. When you combine the dry pigment with the yoke of an egg to mix each color, its like painting with the earth itself. Go to Available Paintings to learn more.   

Other recent paintings by Jason Drake are on display at the Blowing Rock Frameworks & Gallery. Contact the gallery for more information.

GOLDEN PASTURES - oil on linen, 24 x 36 in.

Evening Solitude - oil on panel, 26 x 40 in.

Ready for Winter - oil on panel, 18 x 24 in.

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Brian Andrew Drake

Brian was born May 29, 1980 and experienced more in his 33 years than most do in a lifetime.