"Every picture brings a new problem, and who know if we may be able to solve it. But if there were no new problems we should all cease painting; for there would be no more art."   Jules Breton

The following images represent paintings produced in egg tempera. 

Egg tempera is a delicate medium made from egg yolks and powdered pigments. It is a water soluble mixture that builds form through layers and layers of thin paint strokes that have an intrinsically transparent nature. Light penetrates down and bounces back up capturing color in a way that is unlike any other medium. 


The Promise of Spring - 18 x 27 in. - sold

Horse and Buggy - 12 x 15 in. - available

The End of Summer - 20 x 30 in. - sold

Fall Foraging - 12 x 15 in. - available

Memorial Day - 15 x 20 in. - sold

Sunset on Mary's Curtains - 16 x 24 in. - sold

Leaving Home - 24 x 30 in. - available through the artist

Mary's Geraniums - 12 x 20 in.

Study for River Bend - 9 x 12 in.